Transitions Projects

What we do for the school

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Our transition projects from primary to secondary school are designed to build 
stronger links between schools, staff, 
students and parents.

Transition projects can:

  • Help engage parents with school processes at an early stage
  • Strengthen partnerships
  • Support Artsmark applications
  • Provide transition data and examples
    of pupil attainment

What we do for the students

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Our mission is to create an enviroment where successful transition can take place by helping the children:

  • Develop new friendships and improve their self esteem and confidence
  • Settle into school life without causing concern to their parents
  • Develop an increasing interest in school and school work
  • Get used to new routines and school organisation with great ease
  • Experience curriculum continuity.

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How we work

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Our transition projects tackle the issues surrounding moving from primary to secondary school, they are designed to help create a streamlined process that links schools, staff, students and parents. 

Each project centres around the use of creative writing workshops that link English modules in year 5 and 6 to those they would be expected to do at the beginning of year 7 and also helps to build the pupils emotional resilience preparing them for the transition.

Wherever possible, we aim to include primary pupils visiting the secondary school site to work alongside older students in the enviroment they will be coming into.

"It gives me a way to express myself."
Jad, Brighton

"Creative writing changes the way we see things and lets us grow. "
Ellie, Portsmouth.


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From £850 + VAT (based on 2 x workshop days @ £390 + planning meeting @ £70)

Costs vary dependant on the number schools, group size and workshop days.


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Please feel free to contact Debo Amon, Creative Learning & Digital Assistant, with any enquiries.


Tel: 01273 735353