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Eileen Sutherland

poet novelist

About Eileen Sutherland

I live in West Sussex, Northumberland or Bulgaria depending on the time of year. I like cycling and blogging about cycling at www.sixtyonabike.wordpress.com/

I also like body surfing (when I don't get hurt), travelling, yoga, pilates & cinema

I'm currently co-director of a strawbale building company called Straw Works  http://www.strawworks.co.uk/

I'm doing a triathlon on Aug 8th 2015 - wish me luck!

My first book, 'Changing Gear:a Bike Ride from Britain to Bulgaria' is available on kindle at  http://tinyurl.com/co5b6ee and as hard copy on amazon http://tinyurl.com/prjptob

I'm currently working on my second book,'The Straw House' and I like writing poetry.

See www.hotnitsa.com for pictures of the strawbale house build.


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Eileen Sutherland is based in west sussex