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Gabrielle Wright

radio tv scriptwriter screenwriter novelist

About Gabrielle Wright

Mother of two little girls, who are also avid readers and burgeoning writers themselves, wife to an illustrator and unpublished graphic novelist, I live in a book, comic and film-crazy household, encased within a Victorian terrace in Worthing. Oh and there's a dog here somewhere too.

I've worked in television on and off for about 18 years; as script reader, script editor and writer, and more recently as a researcher/consultant type thing. I have Family Affairs and EastEnders on my credits, and now am advising on Waterloo Road. I also tutor English, Media Studies, Film Studies and creative writing and work casually at the local theatres and cinema, mostly so I can watch films for free (but don't tell them that).

I am currently obssessed with Breaking Bad. Approaching the end of series 4 - please don't tell me what happens at the end. I might cry.

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Gabrielle Wright is based in west sussex

07931 598137