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Sally Roger

radio tv scriptwriter playwright novelist

About Sally Roger

Of her ebook Stage Door Comedies (Amazon KDP) -

‘Roger shows us the underbelly of the theater industry’

Thomas Anderson, Literary Titan (USA)

Roger obviously has a lot of experience working behind the curtain and gives us a feel for the day to day life of the actors, writers, producers, and stage hands who are always trying to keep their careers moving forward – sometimes through very strange, and comical, means. 

I found myself quickly starting the next story, enjoying the quirky characters and being able to peek into an industry and all its inhabitants that most of us only see from other side. Roger shows us the underbelly of the theater industry. With the stories set in these world-renowned metropolises known for their arts, London and Paris, we get the feeling that this is the way it really is. This isn’t some little town trying to put on a stage play. And for this, I give Sally Roger’s Stage Door Comedies 4 out of 5 stars. 

_Review of Stage Door Comedies by Sally Roger by Thomas Anderson, Literary Titan, USA

Read his interview with Sally Roger: http://wp.me/p3cyvH-Rj

Sally Roger was born in Kent, England in 1960 and educated at North London University. She was employed as an Intelligence writer at The Press Association and holds a BA Hons in English. Her first play Limehouse, which she also directed and acted in, won a recommendation in the London Evening Standard in 2008. In 2017 she received a Literary Titan Silver Book Award for Stage Door Comedies Complex characters expertly delivered with fluent, powerful and appropriate language'. http://twitter.com/sre20




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Sally Roger is based in london (inc greater london)