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James Garrett


About James Garrett

I'm a salesman by trade, and run a business that trains and coaches others to be influential, persuasive and assertive - the behavioural foundations of good selling and negotiating.

I have a particular interest in the art of rhetoric, and the role of storytelling in business, and indeed other creative options that add impact. I have previously mentored through Arts & Business and believe that arts and business have much to learn from each other.

The dividing line between work and play is wonderfully blurred, but I can say that when I'm sea swimming or cycling or running, then I'm probably at play.

Looking forward to making some stimulating discoveries and meeting interesting folks through New Writing South. 

I am based in Brighton, and deliver training and coaching throughout the UK.

James Garrett


Get in touch

James Garrett is based in east sussex

07768 142376

E-mail: james.garrett@sustrainuk.co.uk