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John Hamshare

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About John Hamshare

I'm 72 years old (my profile photo is not a recent one, I hasten to add ;-)), and spent most of my early life as a musician, playing trumpet and viola. I have been interested in creative fiction writing for the past 15 years or so. I have nothing published - apart from one story on Amazon Kindle - mainly because I just enjoy the escapism of writing. It permits me to enter another dimension that is separated from the real world. I have been a member of an online writing group at www.writersvillage.com for several years, as a member of various focus groups focussing on ways to hone the craft of writing, and taken several courses which have enhanced particular aspects of the writing craft. I lack the confidence to consider publication, but have always received favourable reviews from my peers. Though I don't feel ready to send any work out for publication, I am at a stage in my life when I feel I should take my writing more seriously. My first interest was in writing for children. However, that is such a diverse and difficult market to enter. Overall, my writing leans toward the humorous side with a strong tendency toward wordplay. I am a shy and reclusive person, who lacks confidence, and whose interpersonal skills are not good. I find it much easier to express myself in creative writing. My discovery of this group is serendipitous, as I have just decided to take my writing seriously, and started a new website on which I hope to present some examples of my writing; and, at a later date, sell some of my published works - even if they are in kindle format. I guess that covers all my immediate thoughts on becoming a member of this promising group.

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John Hamshare is based in hampshire