1 – 1 Writers’ Surgeries and Mentoring

Our Mentors are writers, editors and other industry professionals, who offer expertise and experience. They will listen to your aims, empathise with what you want to achieve during your relationship and then give you the focused support and guidance you need. Mentoring is an in-depth process which lasts up to nine months and 1 – 1 Writers’ Surgeries are usually one-off 90-minute meetings, though many writers book a bundle of sessions or a follow up meeting.

1-1 Writers’ Surgeries

Short sessions to get you where you want to be

Our 1 – 1 Writers’ Surgeries are a professional development service that enables you to invest in yourself. It helps you to look at where you are, define your goals and ambitions and then plan a route to fulfilling them. It’s like a 1 – 1 sat nav for writers.

These sessions offer a safe, yet challenging space for you to pause and look at your career with the help of an objective and completely impartial mentor. It’s a structured process that’s all about focusing on you, your career and your professional development.

  • reflect on what you achieved so far
  • examine your goals, interests and choices
  • discuss what you want to achieve, and when
  • identify obstacles and achieve clarity to work through them
  • regain and maintain self-confidence
  • create a plan of action to achieve your goals

Once you have booked a 1 -1 Writers’ Surgery you will be contacted within seven days to discuss your requirements and arrange a date for your session. We work with you to find an appropriate mentor and may send you a questionnaire to complete to establish your aims. This allows your mentor to learn something about you before you both meet. In some cases you may submit a short sample of your work (3000–5000 words).

Your session with your mentor will last up to 90 minutes and will usually take place here at The Writers’ Place, or through Skype.

Shortly after the session your mentor will forward any information promised during your session and you will be asked to complete an evaluation of the process.

£150 per session (10% discount applies for New Writing South Friends)

How to book

Contact us by e-mail or on 01273 735353 to book your session.


A personal mentor offers expertise and experience to emerging writers looking to take their work to a higher level or during a time of growth in your career. A mentor will listen to what you want to achieve and then give you focused support and guidance. Mentoring may also benefit emerging and established writers making a change in direction or medium but it is not advised for those starting out.

Mentors usually work with you on a specific project such as: progressing the first draft of a script, editing an anthology of poetry or short stories, writing in a different media or honing a novel.

One of our team will work with you to help you find exactly the right mentor for you and you will be fully supported by New Writing South who will broker the contract, monitor the process and support the relationship throughout.

Our Writer Mentor scheme can be tailored to your requirements and can last between three and nine months. During that time you will meet with your mentor for an agreed number of sessions. Each session lasts no more than ninety minutes.

How to book:

In the first instance, please contact us by email or on 01273 735353 to discuss your requirements.