Comedy Writing for Stage and Screen

Always wanted to write comedy but don’t know where to start?

This one-day interactive taster workshop led by Diane Messias will show you how to go about it, revealing which medium is best-suited to your idea, where the comedy comes from and how to make the choices which give your work a professional edge.

We’ll cover sitcom, film, comedy drama series and stage plays – each of which has its own requirements – and explore characterisation, plots and dialogue. At the end of the day you’ll leave with templates that will serve you not just for comedy, but for any genre of drama writing.


“She’s a wisecracking, fast-talking, slick professional with a plethora of stories and a marvellous comic pedigree. But it’s the warmth of her personality, her attention to detail and her superb way of supporting performers that makes her tops at producing comedy in all its guises. See Diane Messias now!”

“I learned more in two hours with Diane than I have from any book – and I’ve read most of them. I was struck by her depth of knowledge, and her detailed notes on my script were inspiring. I’ve never come across anyone else who approaches the subject in the way she does. Diane’s a real pro who knows all the tips and tricks on how things are really done. Right on the money!”

“It was great to benefit from Diane’s knowledge. Each of us had plenty of opportunity to ask questions, and Diane’s answers were straightforward and enlightening. For me, she particularly cleared up the differences between writing for television and theatre (something which people mention a lot but never explain). I also found her insights on how to assemble a group of characters particularly useful.”

“I’ve taken various writing courses and can honestly say that Diane’s was the most helpful. It’s clear that she knows what she’s doing and though she tells you where you’re going wrong, she’s always encouraging. And best of all, great fun to work with. Definitely worth it for aspiring screenwriters.”

“Thank you so much for today. I really did learn a lot! Was so good to be in a room with other people in the same boat, and I feel honoured to have been tutored by you.”

Location: The Writers' Place, 9 Jew Street, Brighton BN1 1UT


2 February 2019
10:00 am - 6:00 pm

£85 + booking fee £70 + booking fee (early bird rate)

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