Writers: Facing an Audience

With Tanushka Marah

The natural habitat of many writers is a solitary one, locked away in a room honing craft, and when they are asked to share their work (as most inevitably are) in front of a live audience at a writing class, launch, festival or open mic event the first instinct is to recoil in horror. So how do writers effectively and confidently share their written work with a live audience? In this practical workshop, Tanushka will provide you with the skills to control your nerves, ground your voice and body and find the confidence to put your voice out into the room. We will cover simple skills in tone intonation and rhythm to ensure that your readings are able to engage a live listening audience, large or small.

Tanushka Marah is a freelance director and movement coach and over a long career has worked with actors, artists and writers across the age range, helping them to develop stage craft. She has directed many plays including Dracula, Beauty and the Beast, Macbeth, Agamemnon, Animal Farm, Arabian Nights, and Tunnel. In 2017 she worked with Brighton People’s Theatre as a guest director on Tighten Our Belts (devised political theatre) and was the Dramaturg on the verbatim play Semites in London 2018. Tanushka runs the award-winning Brighton-based youth theatre company Windmill Young Actors whose production of Berkoff’s Agamemnon won The Outstanding Theatre Award at Brighton Fringe 2017.

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Location: Jew Street, Brighton BN1 1UT, UK


27 April 2019
10:00 am - 1:00 pm

£25 / £20 (NWS Friends /Concessions) Bursary places are available. Please contact us to discuss.

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