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New Writing South champions all kinds of new creative writing in southeast England and beyond. We develop writers’ careers and help fresh talent to flourish. Join NWS Friends and you’ll not only become part of our vibrant community of writers, but you’ll be supporting us to nurture diverse talent across the region.

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Money off for Friends

Friends receive 10% off selected events and workshops booked online (not including the Creative Writing Programme)

Partner offers

Enjoy promotions from the likes of the Marlborough Pub & Theatre, Charleston’s Small Wonder Festival, Creative Future and more

Lively networking

Meet other writers in your area at our informal and friendly events in Brighton, Portsmouth and Hastings

The Writers' Place

In the heart of Brighton’s North Laine, get preferential hire of our flexible performance, teaching and meeting space

Monthly newsletter

You’ll receive our informative monthly newsletter with news, events and opportunities for writers from around the region and the UK

Become a NWS Friend today

  • New Writing South Friend (Full price)
    £20 per year
      For just £20 per year, you'll benefit from our regular newsletter, reduced rates on room hire and selected events, special offers and networking opportunities
  • New Writing South Friend (concession)
    £10 per year
    We would love every writer in the region to become a Friend. This rate is available for under 26s, students, over 65s, benefit claimants, or those who can't manage £20
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