Brighton LGBTQ+ History Club

Queer in Brighton is a heritage learning project celebrating and promoting the rich cultural life of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) community in Brighton & Hove.

Brighton LGBTQ+ History Club

Sunday 30 September 2018 3pm – 5pm
Brighton Museum & Art Gallery

Join us for the first LGBTQ+ History Club of the season. We are thrilled to be welcoming Professor Lucy Robinson, University of Sussex.

The Point Is To Change It: How did we get to Queerama?

Prof. Robinson will present extracts from the recent documentary project Queerama and situate it in the longer and messy history of uncovering, documenting and sharing queer histories. Through a Q&A with film maker Daisy Asquith, Prof. Robinson will invite you to share your ideas about how we should collect, collate and share queer stories today.

LGBTQ+ history is inseparable from the history of LGBTQ+ activism. Indeed LGBTQ+ history is a historical marker of debates, possibilities and challenges in the ways in which we talk about sexuality and about the past. What it is we are doing when we recover queer lives in the past?

Prof. Robinson will outline how lesbian and gay history has marked lesbian and gay activism from the gay liberation front, through the onslaught of AIDS and to the current context. At each point in this story, histories have been used to critique the present, uncover structures of discrimination, and to demonstrate individual and collective resistance.

Join us for a Sunday of history, speakers, activities, and to meet fellow budding and experienced historians and importantly, eat cake!

The LGBTQ+ History Club is open to all (18+), and free. But we ask you to book your place, so we can keep an eye on numbers (and know how much cake to buy).

Please consider making a donation if you’re able to help support future sessions.

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