Chalk Circle Short Story Competition 2020

Shakespeare wrote King Lear in locked down London during the bubonic plague. Isaac Newton wrote Principia Mathematica while self-isolating in his second home.

Mary Shelley, housebound and barely out of her teens, wrote Frankenstein in the eerily unsettling atmosphere of 1816, ‘the year without a summer’.

Now Sussex based Chalk Circle Writers are inviting writers to send in their short stories, inspired by this time of self-isolation. They could be dystopian nightmares, absurdist humour, or stories to celebrate what you love, have recently discovered, or fear to lose.

Stories can be any length up to a maximum of 2000 words. The shortlist for this inaugural competition by Chalk Circle Writers is being judged by talented Sussex author Vanessa Gebbie and costs just £6 per story. The prizes will be £200 for first, £100 for second, and £50 for third places. The best stories will either be published on the Chalk Circle website or included in a forthcoming short story anthology.

The deadline for the competition is 31st August 2020. For further details please go to



Application Deadline:
31 August 2020 12:00 am

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