The Poetry Of Place/s – Workshop Led By Catherine Smith

Poets, and other writers, have always evoked places – real, imagined, earthly, extraordinary….and there’s a rich imaginative seam to be tapped in our own memories of places, and in places, we have never been, but can imagine. Places aren’t just a setting or a backdrop ‘where action happens’ – they can be imagined as ‘characters’ in their own right, with their own agendas; as Julie Burchill once said, ‘Brighton is a place constantly in the process of helping the police with its enquiries.’

In this workshop, we’ll look at some examples of poems evoking places and spaces (exterior and interior) and, through free-writing and other writing games/techniques, we’ll generate drafts of our own poems. Bring an open mind – no actual travel documents/passport needed.

This meeting is online via Zoom and open to West Sussex Writers members and guests only. New members are welcome please contact us and look on the website

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11 March 2021
7:30 pm

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