Writer in Residence: The D-Day Story

The D-Day Story, Portsmouth’s newest museum, is seeking a Writer in Residence to tell the story of Gustav the Pigeon. The story will be published as an illustrated children’s book aimed at six to eight year olds.

The museum uses the personal accounts of people who were there, authentic Second World War objects and stunning audio visual presentations to tell the story of the Allied landings in Normandy on 6 June 1944 and the liberation of France from Nazi Germany. The story is one of courage and determination, comradeship and sacrifice, secrecy and deception, innovation and emotion. A story of ordinary people caught up in extraordinary events. A story in which Portsmouth played a leading role.

The Heritage Lottery Fund awarded The D-Day Story a grant of just over £4 million towards its transformation and the delivery of a programme of events and activities to engage and inspirevisitors of all ages. The Writer in Residence will form one strand of this programme.

Gustav the Pigeon is one of the stars of the new museum. He was a homing pigeon seconded into the National Pigeon Service during the Second World War. On D-Day he was released from an Allied ship off the coast of Normandy and flew back to Thorney Island near Portsmouth to deliver the first message from the beaches. In recognition of this feat he was awarded the PDSA Dickin Medal -the animal equivalent of the Victoria Cross. Gustav was owned by a Portsmouth man and his Dickin Medal is on loan to The D-Day Story. His owner’s Identity Card and Pigeon Service Badge are also on display along with a pigeon message container and a bronze model of Gustav that visitors are invited to touch.

A fee of £2,250 is offered for nine days’ work. The fee is inclusive of travel expenses. A schedule of payments will be agreed when the writer is appointed.

The residency will take place between March and May 2019.

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Application Deadline:
27 February 2019 11:59 pm