Young Writers Manifesto

Squad Ambassadors

New Writing South’s Squad Ambassadors are young writers aged 13-17 who are passionate about creative writing. Having taken part in the Writer Squad scheme, they have been selected to represent their region and be a spokesperson for the writers of tomorrow. Together, the ambassadors have developed this manifesto to champion the importance of creative writing.

Our ambassadors have stated that their manifesto is to be read, publicised and promoted by everyone from teachers, to MPs to authors and everyone in between. They want to raise awareness of the importance of creative writing, both in and outside of school.

Our ambassadors are:

Layla hopes to have a future in marketing and journalism.
Quinn wishes to learn more about how writers can help others appreciate our world and its beauty.
Holly aspires to write a comic novel and a film script.
Mataio is interested in all forms of art and writing.
Pippa sees herself having several books displayed in the windows of Waterstones .
Samuel makes films with 150 cameras, 300 actors and 55 editiors; well he wishes and hopes.
Samantha aspires to be a young adult novelist.
Seamus desires to be a writer like Russell T. Davies.

Please download and read the Manifesto and let us know what you think at tweeting us with hashtag #NWSmanifesto or send an email to if you would like to talk to us about the manifesto and our work.

Or, if you would like to promote the Young Writers Manifesto campaign, please feel free to download any or all of the posters by clicking the link below each picture and display them in your classrooms and offices!


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