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Get professional, objective feedback on your work prior to sending it out with our competitive script reading and poetry critique services

Scripts for stage, film, radio and television

Writers normally only get one shot at attracting the attention of a company or producer, so it’s essential that your script is as good as it can possibly be.

Our competitive non-profit making script reading service provides an opportunity to get professional and objective feedback on your script prior to sending it out into the world.

Your script will be read by a professional independent reader most of whom also read for companies such as Paines Plough, Royal Court, Channel 4, UK Film Council and Arvon amongst others.

Reports are broken down to cover every element of the script, through presentation, story, structure, dialogue, characterisation, tone, genre and marketability – and will advise you on the potential next step forward for your script.

How long does it take?
Reports usually take between four and six weeks

What does it cost?
Scripts for stage & radio:
Up to 70 pages: £45
70-110 pages: £65
110-150 pages: £85

Scripts for film & TV:
Up to 70 pages: £50
70-120 pages: £70
120-150 pages: £95

If your script is longer than 150 pages please contact  for a quote.

All scripts for stage, radio and television are eligible; screen and short film scripts with prior arrangement.

Submitted scripts must be finished but you may submit a first draft for feedback.

How to submit your script
Please send your submissions to

You will receive payment instructions once your submission has been received.

Can I send my script by post?
If you prefer to send a hard copy of your script, please do. Send your script together with the appropriate fee and covering letter to:
Script Reading Service
New Writing South
The Writers’ Place
9 Jew Street
Brighton. BN1 1UT

Please note: Hard-copy scripts will only be returned if you enclose a pre-paid self-addressed envelope.

  • "Fantastically helpful ... really useful, instructive and comprehensive."

    Gail Louw Writer
  • I was very impressed by the quality of the critique ... encouraging and very helpful in a practical way ... I feel much better equipped and can go on with confidence.


  • It's exactly the analysis I needed to improve the script.

    I can't begin to thank Rob for his amazing encouragement and constructive feedback that will make me a better more polished writer.

    I will definitely use this amazing service again.

    Sabera Ahsan

Poetry Critiques

New Writing South and Waterloo Press have joined forces to offer poets a professional, honest and detailed critical report on their work.

Readers will identify strengths and suggest areas for development, both of specific poems and of the work as a whole. In addition you will be offered suggestions for reading and be signposted towards what to do and where to go with your work.

The service is open to poets at all stages of development.

How long does it take?
Reports usually take four to six weeks.

What does it cost?
Please let us know how many poems you are submitting so that we can provide you with a quote.

Please note that hard-copy poems will only be returned if you enclose a pre-paid self-addressed envelope.


How to submit your script

  1. Poems should be double spaced on A4 with no more than 40 lines a page as a Word Doc or a pdf
  2. In the same document attach an accompanying letter telling us a little about yourself, indicating where you are with your work and detailing any specific issues you would like the reader to address.

Please send your submissions to

You will receive payment instructions once your submission has been received. No initial letter or phone call is required. However, if you do wish to contact us with any queries we are available to discuss any questions or concerns you may have at any stage.

Can I send my poems by post?
If you prefer to send a hard copy of your poems, please do. Send your poems together with the appropriate fee and covering letter to:

Poetry Critique Service
New Writing South
9 Jew Street
Brighton BN1 1UT

Script Readers

  • Steven Staff
    Steven Staff

    Steve is a writer and graduate of the University of Lincoln, he was commissioned to write & direct his debut short film during his first year of university and went on to write radio comedy, a feature, and a handful more shorts before graduating with a 1st class degree in Media Production in 2014. He has been a winner and finalist in a number of festivals and writing contests including the now defunct Ideastap Inspires Awards, he has undergone development programmes with BBC Writers Room and interned with Knight Hall Agency as a Script Reader.

    Steve has worked in television since 2015 and is currently an Assistant Producer at a national TV station, as well as script reading on a freelance basis. He is currently writing for stage and screen and occasionally writes articles on film and politics.

  • Sara Clifford
    Sara Clifford Reads: Stage, Screen

    Sara has read scripts for New Writing South, the Soho Theatre, The Red Room and Paines Plough, and worked as Literary Associate for Clean Break Theatre company and Pop Up children’s theatre (now, sadly, defunct), and was a judge for the Arts Council Children’s Theatre Award (now the Brian Way award). She has undertaken dramaturgical work for the London Bubble (My Home project) and for local theatre, The Company.
    Through the Fence international playwrights’ network, she has visited and worked with writers in Paris, Chemnitz, Belgrade, Gaudeloupe and Rome.
    Sara has written nearly twenty plays including work for York Theatre Royal, Oxford Touring Theatre Company, the Soho Theatre and Nottingham Playhouse and was a writer on attachment at Chichester Festival Theatre.

  • Robert Cohen
    Robert Cohen

    A playwright since 16, Robert offers not just three and a half decades of experience as a dramatist, but also the useful perspective that comes with being a professional actor (though he admits he’s only been doing that half as long). He’s enjoyed particular acclaim for his work in the field of writing and performing solo shows: The Trials of Harvey Matusow (true tale of a McCarthyite supergrass) won the Fringe Review Outstanding Theatre Award, and Something Rotten (a reimagining of Hamlet from the POV of the prince’s Uncle Claudius) earned him an Argus Angel award. He’s also enjoyed success beyond the solo sphere, winning the Constance Cox Award for The Ragged Regiment, his dark comedy about internecine warfare backstage at a stuffed-animal museum.

    He has read scripts for the Sussex Playwrights and carried out script-editing work for the Rialto Theatre, Simple Productions, and the young people’s writing charity Little Green Pig.

  • Nick Vivien
    Nick Vivien

    Nick Vivian is a BAFTA and Oscar nominated screenwriter. He has written many single TV films (Dancing Queen, Hunting Venus, Alice Through the Looking Glass) and series episode (Doc Martin, Murder Most Horrid etc.). He is currently developing a feature film with the BFI and Sarah Radclyffe, and co-creating and site-specific piece for Manchester International Festival 2017.

  • Michelle Goode
    Michelle Goode Reads: Stage, Radio, TV Drama, TV Comedy, Screen

    Michelle Goode is a writer, script reader, editor and proofreader from Bedfordshire in the UK. Michelle has had a comedy radio sketch and four comedy web show episodes produced, short stories published by Ether Books and has been a finalist for the prestigious Sir Peter Ustinov Television Scriptwriting Award.

    She script reads for The London Screenwriter’s Festival, Girls On Film, New Writing South and Hollywood-based Screenplayreaders as well as for private clients via her Writesofluid website.

  • Dinos Aristidou
    Dinos Aristidou Reads: Stage, Radio

    Dinos Aristidou has written and directed for the stage in the UK and overseas. He was writer-in-residence at Mayflower Theatre Southampton 2017-18 and is currently working with composers and lyricists at the theatre to develop a new musical. He has been writer-in-residence at The Gateway in Chester in 2000  and commissioned to write the millennium production for the city of Chester and at Watford Palace Theatre 2007-8. Between 2004-7 he was Education, Youth, Participation Manager at the Sherman Theatre, Cardiff and responsible for the development of new writing. He is creative learning director for UCAN Productions. He has written for the Nuffield, Southampton, Contact in Manchester and two commissions for Forest Forge Theatre Company. He is currently artistic director of New Writing South’s Celebrating Our Stories project.

  • Anna Kowalczuk
    Anna Kowalczuk

    Anna is a New York based script consultant, writer and improviser. Anna started her career as a development intern at Goldcrest Films. Since then, Anna has gained numerous years of experience providing script coverages and working as a contest judge for various competitions including The BlueCat Screenplay Competition, The Tracking Board, SpecScout and The Writer’s Store.