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Writers normally only get one shot at attracting the attention of a company or producer, so it’s essential that your script is as good as it can possibly be.

Our competitive script reading service provides an opportunity to get professional and objective feedback on your script prior to sending it out into the world.

Your script will be read by a professional independent reader most of whom also read for companies such as Paines Plough, Royal Court, Channel 4, UK Film Council and Arvon amongst others.

Reports are broken down to cover every element of the script, through presentation, story, structure, dialogue, characterisation, tone, genre and marketability – and will advise you on the potential next step forward for your script.

How long does it take?
Reports usually take between four and six weeks

What does it cost?
Scripts for stage & radio:
Up to 70 pages: £55
70 -109 pages: £75
110 -150 pages: £100

Scripts for film & TV:
Up to 70 pages: £60
70 -109 pages: £80
110 -150 pages: £105

If your script is longer than 150 pages please contact Xanax Brand Online for a quote.

All scripts for stage, radio and television are eligible; screen, short film scripts and animation scripts by prior arrangement.

Submitted scripts must be finished but you may submit a first draft for feedback.

How to submit your script
Please send your submissions to Xanax Brand Online

You will receive payment instructions once your submission has been received.

Can I send my script by post?
If you prefer to send a hard copy of your script, please do. Send your script together with the appropriate fee and covering letter to:

Script Reading Service
New Writing South
The Writers’ Place
9 Jew Street
Brighton. BN1 1UT

Please note: Hard-copy scripts will only be returned if you enclose a pre-paid self-addressed envelope.

Xanax Cheap Overnight