The Inkwell

In this blog series, The Inkwell, Vanessa Gebbie shares writing tips and exercises to keep your writing mind in motion during lockdown.

Enjoy editing: The Inkwell with Vanessa Gebbie

Enjoy… Editing? Do those words even go together? If you’d asked me when I just started out, I’d have said no! My word count was hard won. Very little could persuade me to delete them…

Definitions: The Inkwell with Vanessa Gebbie

Our writing game today comes with thanks to poet Pascale Petit, who used this amazing game in a workshop. It helps us create extraordinary images and ideas for ordinary things.

Fairytale doors: The Inkwell with Vanessa Gebbie

Hi Inkwell-dippers – how you doing?    On a walk early this morning, down the lane near my house, I passed several farm gates. They, for some reason, took me back to those fairytales, where [...]

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