Resources for Writers

Preparing Your Work for Submission to Agents & Publishers

by Beth Miller

What you should check before you send your work out, writing a synopsis, writing a pitch, and submitting your manuscript.

Working with Agents & Publishers

by Clare Christian

You’ve written your book. You’ve redrafted it once, twice, probably more. You’ve polished it; maybe you’ve worked with an editor to get it in the best shape it can possibly be in. Now you’re ready to put it out there into the big wide world. But how?

Self Promotion for Writers

by Anna Burtt

Anna Burtt on how to establish your brand, how to build an audience, using social media effectively, and promoting your writing locally.

A Place to Start - Prompts for National Writing Day

For National Writing Day we asked tutors from The Creative Writing Programme for their suggestions for creative prompts. These tips were published on National Writing Day  and we’d now like to share these now to get you writing over the summer.

How To Be A Writer

by Rob Young

Award winning writer and script reader for New Writing South, Rob Young gives us his thoughts on how to be (and how not to be) a writer.