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Xanax Online Order Legal - Alprazolam Prescription Online

Helen Seymour is struggling to keep her head above water. She has weak muscles, screws in her spine and can’t stop thinking about creative ways to commit murder. Her therapist has put her on the Potentially Dangerous Persons list, her tarot reader thinks she needs an exorcism, and the boys she’s dating wonder why she keeps getting distracted. She’s not sure she can be trusted; she needs you to watch her.

Directed by Hannah Silva, Helen’s very funny and very dark second solo show tackles dating, violent intrusive thoughts and what happens when the only representation of your body you can find…is in horror movies.

“Helen is a mad genius and her words are like a warm bath” – Caroline Bird

“Helen’s work is bold, brave and innovative. She creates fresh, imaginative theatre that thinks outside the box” – Tom Gill

This performance is a pre-tour showing at The Writers’ Place

Running time: 1 hour.

Helen Highwater is supported by Arts Council England, Marlowe Theatre and New Writing South.

Location: The Writers' Place, Jew Street, Brighton, UK

Xanax Online Order Legal - Alprazolam Prescription Online

21 September 2019
7:30 pm

£9 / £7 (concessions)

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Buying Xanax Online Illegal
I Want To Order Xanax OnlineBuy Cheap Xanax Pills