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Added: 24/11/2017

Writing as an Act of Kindness - a Manifesto by Dean Atta

Dean wrote this month’s blog as a manifesto inspired by International Day of Kindness and he invites you to send him your own manifesto about why you write.

Added: 18/10/2017

Unfinished Business by Amy Zamarripa Solis

Amy Zamarripa Solis writes about her latest project and the importance of finishing what you have started.

Added: 15/09/2017

Finding Home

Cecilia Knapp talks about her play Finding Home and how art can help when dealing with loss and grief.

Added: 10/08/2017

Why can't things just be simple?

Jason Eade reflects on the complications surrounding freedom of expression.

Added: 17/07/2017

Halting the Erasure of Transcestry

E-J Scott writes about the need to represent trans history in museums and galleries.